When threads cross

When threads cross_John Harrington_Novel Collective

As the blue moon riseth,
The lunar sheen clashes with the path laid before,
For it is the time for lovers’ threads to cross again.

This rare occasion is months in the waiting,
Wishing for the delicate brush of hair against cheek,
Pulsating nerves, rushing with excitement at her sleight of hand.
Simplicity in one’s acceptance of emotion.

However the further you delve into love a balance becomes apparent,
Yin and Yang,
Absolute joy and sorrow,
The vibrant beauty of every moment absorbed by this fixation
Is commonly dashed by the harsh reality of mortality,
The effortless comfort of company with one of such ecstatic chemistry,
To be blown away by fear of allowing yourself to obsess over the consequence of verbal honesty,
What is said in the moment to the one you love more than any other, for the finite time you share the same space,
Will these heavy hearted words spell the beginning of the end?

The prospect of this outcome is only strengthened by obsession,
Lesser the worry, lesser the chance.
Always love with a full heart and your love will forever prosper.

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By John Harrington

When reflecting on the purpose behind my writing, the most common catalyst is the people I find myself so lucky to have in my life and share experiences with. The process of writing one’s perspective using a combination of idiosyncratic symbols in such a way that others can translate and begin to paint visual imaginings excites and fascinates me. Wherever you observe there is something enchanting at play, from the infinitesimally small scale of an atom to the galactic cluster that forms our neighbouring galaxies and all the bits in between, nature and her laws are apparent in all her wonderment. Therefore through the channel of words I endeavour to share my perspective so together we can journey through the universe of storytelling on a wonderful adventure. I hope it will encourage abstract thought.

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