Welcome to Novel Collective

Welcome to Novel Collective

This is our story.

Hi, I’m Lian, and I was a psychologist in another lifetime. When I finished high school, I was a confident, creative writer who could weave wonderful tales. I am also a realist. So I made the calculated decision to turn my back on my writing and pursue a financially stable vocation. As is the case with any true passion, the writer in me, the creative, soon got fed up with the state of things. But my inner realist wasn’t quite ready to let the creative out. So I became an editor, and I’ve learnt a lot. Now, the writer is finally ready to fly.

When I was planning this website, I knew I wanted to launch it with ‘Style’ and ‘Travel’ as categories. Having worked alongside widely read peers in the publishing industry, I’ve never been comfortable admitting most of the things I enjoy reading — fashion magazines, fan fiction (read: Star Wars), travel stories, celebrity autobiographies, Harry Potter, John Grisham. My secret is out. I wanted to share it because as writers, we read about what we love and write about what inspires us to pick up that metaphorical pen.

Celebrating all topics and forms of short writing — inspiring creativity — is the first reason I created Novel Collective.

There are a lot of writers out there with a dream of landing their first book deal. I know a few of them. I’m one of them. Having someone else read my writing is akin to me jumping out of a perfectly good airplane with only a flimsy piece of material standing between me landing safely and the alternative (to borrow the words of a friend). My family and friends reading my work is scary; a stranger in a publishing house reading it is terrifying. Even the act of sending a submission can be daunting. Where do I send it? To whom do I address it? Do I send the whole manuscript or pitch a story idea? And if the aforementioned stranger reads my work and likes it, what happens next? Illuminating the unknown frees us to create, and having just one person read and connect with our work gives us the confidence to continue.

Showcasing new writers’ short works while providing an authentic publishing experience is the second reason I created Novel Collective.

Through Novel Collective I hope to inspire you to seize your moment of courage and charge after your dream. To change your journey. To write about that which you cannot not write about. And to share it with us.

We are limited only by our imagination. This is just the beginning.



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