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I’ve mentioned my weakness for classic, stylish bags before, so it’s no surprise that I was very particular when choosing the bag that would house what is fast becoming one of my most treasured items: my Cannon 600D DSLR. I was on the hunt for something leather; the canvas bags, as practical as I imagine they would be when you’re hiking through bushland looking for your money shot, just aren’t me. A search of the internet led me to ONA camera bags, and I was in love.

Quick information

ONA is an American company with retail partners around the world. Not all retail partners stock ONA’s full range, so shipping directly from the States may be your best option. While the shipping fees and other duties boost your overall purchase price, choosing to have mine shipped means I now own the bag that best suits me.

The Palma holds one camera and up to two lenses.

It has a padded interior with adjustable partitions so you can customise the formation.

Exterior dimensions: 27.9 cm L × 20.3 cm H × 14 cm D

Interior dimensions: 26.7 cm L × 17.8 cm H × 12.7 cm D

Price: USD329

ONA contents

What I love

Turn-lock closure. Instead of straps, this system makes it easy to open and close one-handed, while juggling your map, gelato or whatever else you’re holding.

Interior front pocket. Perfect for your tablet or notebook and pen, or even your mobile phone and slimline wallet, this feature means you only need to take your camera bag with you.

Stylish design. The Palma doesn’t look like a camera bag. If you’re travelling and want to blend in with the locals, or you’ve put together a stylish outfit and want your bag to complement it, this bag gets a big tick.

Lightweight. Weighing just 0.9 kilograms on its own, when filled with a camera and three lenses this bag is still surprisingly light. A definite bonus when you’re exploring new cities all day and well into the night. I remember lugging my first SLR (no D there) around Europe. The result? I bought a compact point-and-shoot camera as soon as I got home.

Roomy interior. Designed to carry a camera and two lenses, I can comfortably fit a third lens, or my in-flight must-haves, in the Palma. This makes it a perfect carry-on bag.

ONA shoulder

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