The gypsy king

The Gypsy King

I am a wandering tinker man
I roam this green land over,
me vardo is me castle and me throne is made of clover.
I hawks every thing from spices rare
to iron pots and pans
and I sells me wares at hireling fairs
I’m a free born travelling man.

My wife her name is Gypsy June
she has the power of second sight
she was born beneath a harvest moon
when the veil betwixt is slight.
For a silver coin, six pence will do,
she’ll guide you on your way
she has one green eye and one of blue
she be bless’ed of the fey.

I may not be a wealthy man
but I always pays me dues,
and I does the very best I can
and in fights I never lose.
For I does some bare knuckle boxing
and me June do take the bets
I’ve fought my way across the land
and I ain’t never lost one yet.

On market days I shouts to the wives
“Roll up you lucky lot!
I’ve got wooden pegs and carving knives
and iron pans and pots,
I got scissors and I got fine thread
I got spoons and I got ladles,
I got feather pillows for your bed
and a blanket for the cradle,
I got velvet green and satin pink,
and ribbons for your bonnet,
I got paper, quills and ink
for your love to write a sonnet,
I got needles, pins and all you needs
to make yourself a frock,
I got buttons and the finest beads
and braid to tie your locks,
we have a balm for crooks and cricks
and a herbal soothing lotion,
you can buy a jar for two and six
if you should have the notion.
Step up and step this way my ducks
don’t be the last to buy
lessen you be out of luck
for it’s all in short supply!”

So I take each day as it do come
I goes where e’er I goes
and when the road’s a winding one
I does follow me old nose.
I am a king of this fair land
from sea to meadows green,
I am a free born travelling man
and me June’s me gypsy queen.

Author bio


By Nigel Sinclair

I write poetry for fun and do not take myself seriously. I hesitate to call myself a poet at all, but if I had to put a label on me it would be people’s poet: I write poetry that is easy to read and understand, ranging from poems that tell a story to nonsense rhymes to poems about history. I am 66 years old, left school when I was fifteen and have never passed an exam in my life. I have had a variety of occupations (too many to count), ranging from fisherman to pylon painting and owning tea rooms in Devon, a seaside kiosk in Eastbourne and a village shop and post office in Lincolnshire. I have lived in Hampshire, Lancashire, Norfolk and Yorkshire. I was born in London. I know nothing about the intricacies of formal poetry and to be honest I am not a lover of rules so I feel this gives me freedom to write in a non-conformist way. In the past I have just put my poems on Facebook, but judging by the response I would like to reach a wider audience as my poems seem to generate interest from people who would never normally read poetry.

Photo by Jessica Murphy

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