Style files part one


Personal style is much more than what we wear. It’s the sum of all the things that make us who we are. It tells the story of where we’ve come from and where we’re going. It evolves as we evolve, and it showcases what makes us unique. Plus it’s fun.

Here are a few of the things that are inspiring me right now.

Canon 600D DSLR camera and lenses. My interest in photography has grown over the years, and especially over the past few months. For me, it’s another creative outlet. Novel Collective will eventually feature new artists in other creative areas, to complement the writing.

Travel guides for planning my next overseas adventure. As soon as I arrive home from a trip, all I want to do is hop on another plane and go exploring again. I have an incurable case of wanderlust, which is why I chose ‘Travel’ as one of the first categories on Novel Collective. I put it down to my multicultural heritage: Korean, Australian and Swiss. I’ll leave you to ponder that.

Honest Company products. Jessica Alba is doing good things with The Honest Company. The non-toxic baby and household products aren’t available in Australia yet, but after reading about them and why they were created, I had some brought home from the States.

Signature scent. I discovered Armani Mania years ago, and haven’t strayed since we met. To this day I receive compliments about it.

Rings from Jewels by Jacqueline. These fine gold rings are stylish, durable and affordable. Made locally, I discovered them when on holiday in Byron Bay. I didn’t purchase them at the time and instantly regretted my decision. They were a priority the next time I was in town.

Sports watch. As a runner (I feel I can legitimately call myself that after seven years), this stopwatch is the most comfortable and practical I’ve found to wear when I want to track my time. I also have fun with it and use it to toughen up a feminine outfit.

Postcards from family and friends. I love receiving postcards, and never throw any away. I use them as bookmarks, pin them to my inspiration board and save them with other cards and letters I’ve received. I especially love the handwritten messages — that’s something I hope never goes out of style.

Author bio
By Lian Flick

The creator and curator of Novel Collective, Lian is inspired by people who imagine without limits, writing that evokes powerful emotion, the colour and stories of other cultures, and timeless style.

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