Peter, Peter

Peter, Peter

Peter, Peter corruption eater
Occupying space between towns
Black teeth broke and knuckles that drag
He sits in his trees as a throne

Peter, Peter ambivalent cheater
Sitting both this way and that
Sharp eagle’s beak, shrivelled tail of rat
Itches holes in his side and his back

Peter, Peter emotional beater
Weeping alone in the night
A frightful sight, his arm thick and fat
Beating death to this corpulent sack

Peter, Peter insanity’s teeter
Fading eternity black
Hairless and blind with monstrous mind
His illusions will lead you to traps

Peter, Peter soulless creature
Removing your freedom on whim
Voice like silk and guile aplenty
In his grasp your future is dim

Author bio
By Shane Purvis

My writing is inspired by other people. A large portion of what I do is because I love collaboration; getting to explore and expand on ideas with other minds is incredibly fun. I have been writing in fits and starts for the past ten years. It’s only very recently, the last eight months or so, that I’ve shown anyone anything I’ve written. Since then I haven’t stopped and the stories and poems keep piling up. I started writing because I have a love for art but can’t draw or paint, so I try my hardest to convey those images through words instead. The writers I admire most are Neil Gaiman, because everything he does is amazing, Mikhail Bulgakov, because The Master and Margarita is the most beautiful book ever written, and Bret Easton Ellis, because I admire his ability to make you loathe yourself and feel physically sick by simply reading the words he has put on paper.

Author bio


Illustrated by Helen Hiett

I have always drawn. I remember a bluebell in the garden being my first great project. I don’t believe a flower has ever caused such pain as that bluebell did to my green fingers. I started out painting abstracts and making sculptures from found objects, then moved on to illustration after developing a great love for reading. I still draw a lot of inspiration from nature, particularly metamorphosis and also the juxtaposition between beauty and the grotesque. Hieronymus Bosch is a master at this, an artist whose layers of imagery tell a thousand stories, wonderful and devious. I love narrative in any format, from Ovid’s Metamorphoses to the music of the Tiger Lillies. I think it’s important for illustrators to be able to enhance the written word with their own imagery; Shaun Tan’s illustrations create this fantastic magical atmosphere with his nostalgic style. Last year I spent a lot of time doing live art, drawing with Montana Graffiti pens on boards for music and poetry events. At the moment I use mainly pen and ink; it’s the finest traditional medium I can find. I’m currently researching religious triptychs and Victorian medical illustrations for a new illustration for one of Shane’s poems. It’s going to be a terrifying addition to the bestiary we are creating. You can check out the progress on my website. My favourite artists are Goya, Gustav Dorè and Max Ernst.

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