Morning commute

Morning commute_Lauren Ball_Novel Collective

Swaying on the train

She reads a book

Oblivious to curious looks

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By Brett Gordon

Brett Gordon, or The Sunshine Traveller, is a spunky English teacher-turned travel writer who now travels for a living. She earned bachelor degrees in English and Communication Studies from the University of North Carolina Wilmington, then went on to complete a Master in English Education from North Carolina State University. After teaching grammar and composition for a year at Wake Technical Community College, she decided that travelling and writing were her two driving passions and has since pursued a travel-writing lifestyle. Her main interests are culture, politics, photojournalism and food, and though she loves Indian food, dim sum and smoothies, she’ll always be a Southern girl at heart … constantly craving sweet tea and pecan pie.

Author bio
Illustrated by Lauren Ball

I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember. I’m never without a pencil in my hand and take my sketchbook everywhere I go. I believe that art is a constant learning process and so I am always keen to learn new ways to improve my skills. My style is primarily cartoon, inspired by Disney, comic books and the art of Pin Up. I love to draw, it is my passion and I love to share it.

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