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Two years ago, I resigned from my current job. I was bold, brave and free. This point in my journey came at the end of a lengthy period of soul-searching. My life was wonderful in so many areas, except one that forms a very large part of my self-identity: my professional life. Here, I felt like I wasn’t growing. I had also recently and suddenly been reminded that our time on this earth is finite, which made me even more determined to pick myself up and build a life that I didn’t need to take a vacation from.

But what did I really want? “What can you see yourself happily doing for the next twenty years?” someone asked me. I hope the specifics will evolve as my journey continues, but the heart of what I wanted was clear. I wanted to write a book. No more excuses that I don’t have time. No more reasoning that I will, one day. I wanted to start, and finish. I also wanted to create something that I believed in. Something that would inspire others, and in doing so inspire me. Two years ago, I was ready to take charge of my life and start.

Two years ago, my boss convinced me to stay.

Life is sometimes funny that way. So I stayed, and I grew. And I did create the thing that excites me daily: Novel Collective. The feedback from you, our authors, artists and readers, inspires me to continue to build this platform for showcasing your work. To continue to move the boundaries of publishing and give fellow creatives a place for expression.

Now, I find myself about to enter a period where I have the space to go after what I wanted two years ago. In a no holds barred kind of way. And I’ve found that my dreams are as big as they were back then. Because that’s the thing about dreams: they won’t let you deny them. To achieve them, we have to just start.

Author bio
By Lian Flick

The creator and curator of Novel Collective, Lian is inspired by people who imagine without limits, writing that evokes powerful emotion, the colour and stories of other cultures, and timeless style.

Photo by Justin Murphy

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