Introducing Rhiannon Hall


Every so often one has the good fortune of meeting another like-minded soul. Someone who approaches this beautiful, crazy life from a similar perspective. The profile of Novel Collective’s first contributor is impressive. She’s a new fashion designer with her own label. After a mere two years in the industry, she has a runway show to her name. But it’s her story beyond those accomplishments that has really inspired me. She teaches dance at a local dance group for people with special needs. She has a love for life that equals a love of living a thousand lives through books. And she believes in herself and backs it up with hard work. Introducing Rhiannon Hall.

Novel Collective (NC): Tell us about what you do.

Rhiannon Hall (RH): I am an aspiring fashion designer from Townsville, Australia and my label is Rhirhisugar. I have a deep love of style and the way people dress. It gives me great pleasure designing clothing for young women. My designs are for every occasion; casual pieces and pieces that can be dressed up for a night out.

NC: What made you choose to become a fashion designer?

RH: Ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved clothing. Dressing up was my favourite pastime. As I got older, shopping became my favourite extracurricular activity and most, if not all, of my pocket money was spent on the latest fashions. When I was eighteen I decided that being a fashion designer sounded like the best thing in the world. I studied Fashion Design and Pattern-Making at the Australian Institute of Creative Design, Brisbane via correspondence. I started looking for a pattern-maker here in Townsville who would help me make custom pieces from my sketches, and I was lucky enough to find a local woman who was eager to help me make my dreams a reality. We started working together two years ago. Last year, I was lucky enough to showcase some of my designs at the Carmichael Motors Mercedes-Benz Townsville Fashion Festival.

Last year, I was lucky enough to showcase some of my designs at the Carmichael Motors Mercedes-Benz Townsville Fashion Festival.

NC: Who do you design for? Tell us what the Rhirhisugar woman is like.

Floral skirt

RH: I design for my friends and of course myself. The young woman is aged eighteen to thirty years. She works full time and likes to take care of herself with exercise and healthy eating. She wants to be able to dress appropriately for every occasion. She is the creative type, who likes taking a dance class or can be found curled up reading her favourite book. She likes to spend relaxing days with friends, and be able to easily take her outfit from day to night. A typical night out would be dinner and drinks at a bar or going to the movies. She likes clothes that can be dressed up or down and mixed and matched.

NC: What trends do you predict we’ll see for spring/summer 2014/15?

RH: I think all things tailored will be huge this season. We’ll still see a lot of body-con clothing. You may see some stripes and dots being used on dresses and tops. Trousers and a white shirt will be a classic but amazing look. Halter tops will be making a reappearance. Colours will be plain and bold at the same time; adding a pop of red to a black-and-white outfit, for example. The thing about fashion is that the trends are always recycling and making a comeback. That’s what I love the most.

NC: Who is your favourite designer and why?

RH: Lauren Conrad, whose labels are LC Lauren Conrad and Paper Crown, is one of my favourite designers because she knows what young women are looking for. Lauren’s designs are for all occasions, whether it is a day at the office or a red carpet event. That is what I am trying to do with my designs: have something for every occasion that may arise. Her style is very California girl, which I love since I also live by the beach. She is such a good role model for young girls and I really look up to her.

NC: Who inspires you and why?

RH: I think this comes back to who I design for. My friends are possibly my biggest inspiration. They are all very different and have different tastes. I try to think of them as a garment when I am sketching and see what I come up with. I sometimes mix two people’s styles to get a new look. My friends are my inspiration because I can get direct feedback from them, and simply knowing what they need helps me build my collection.


NC: What is your next project?

RH: I’ve had a little stumble recently with my pattern-maker and machinist so I’ve been coming up with some other ideas for my fashion. I’ve been taking sewing lessons with my mother, who is a fantastic sewer. I am going to use the patterns I already have for my designs and make a few garments to sell online. I am also creating a blog about styling and other fashion-related topics.

I am going to make a few garments to sell online. I am also creating a blog about styling and other fashion-related topics.

NC: What are you currently reading?

RH: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (completely unrelated to fashion). I saw the trailer for the movie that is being released in October and I immediately wanted to read the book. I usually read love stories that have a happy ending but this time I wanted to read something different. I love mysteries as well so I think that is why I chose it. It’s a fantastic book so far. I am about halfway through and the way the author Gillian is telling two sides of a story from two people’s perspectives is making it incredibly difficult for me to put the book down and sleep! I am becoming quite addicted to her writing.

Author bio


By Rhiannon Hall

Hi, my name is Rhiannon and I am currently a receptionist at a small business, ProSciTech Pty Ltd, that sells laboratory supplies worldwide. I live in Townsville, a beautiful city in tropical North Queensland, Australia. I have lived here all my life. When I am not working at ProSciTech, you can find me with my nose in a good book, daydreaming or sketching new designs for my label Rhirhisugar.

I have always been creative. At the age of eight I started my love affair with dance. I fell in love with ballet, modern and contemporary dance styles. I would enter eisteddfods around North Queensland, but what I loved the most was performing at the annual concerts. I was free to be whomever I wanted to be on the stage … that is the best feeling in the world. When I was fourteen I was accepted into the Extensions Youth Dance Company. I stayed with the company for three years until I decided to pursue teaching dance. I now teach dance at Happy Feat, a local dance group for people with special needs. I am completely at home with a pair of Pointe shoes on my feet — it’s my little escape from reality.

I am someone who has my head in the clouds. I like seeking an escape from the world, which is probably why I read a lot of books. I love my life but being able to live a thousand lives through books makes it that much more exciting.

My mother always told me I could be and do whatever I wanted; all I had to do is believe I could. That is exactly how I choose to live!

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