The London Telegram Company

London Telegram Company x Novel Collective

At Novel Collective we support writers, especially those who have joined our community. We are delighted to partner with one of our authors, Timothy Percival, and his latest venture, The London Telegram Company, to bring you this holiday giveaway.

Looking for that perfect unique and personalised gift for your loved ones? How about sending them a bespoke, hand-typed telegram? As a valued member of the Novel Collective community, you send your first telegram for free!

About The London Telegram Company

TLTCThe London Telegram Company is bringing back the telegram. Perfect for saying season’s greetings, I love you and thank you. Hand-typed and bespoke.

If you’re looking for a stylish, unique and beautifully personalised way to send a message, then look no further than The London Telegram Company. Their perfect mix of technology and nostalgia has resulted in a brilliantly simple app which enables you to send hand-crafted, bespoke telegrams.

Timothy Percival, founder of The London Telegram Company, explains the process: ‘You simply enter your personalised message into our iPhone app. We hand-type your message using a classic 1960s Remington typewriter on to high-quality, heavyweight card. It’s delivered first class to your recipient.’

He goes on to explain why people have responded so well to the idea. ‘I think there’s something magical in the simplicity of the telegram. Each one is hand-typed, it’s authentic. People really appreciate how personal they are and it’s great to be able to give something that can be kept, displayed and loved forever.’

You can use telegrams to send birthday wishes, invitations, thank you messages, greetings, poems, quotes or even sweet nothings. The London Telegram Company’s app is called POSTE and is available in the App Store for free. Telegrams cost £4.50 to send anywhere in the world, and PayPal, debit and credit cards are accepted.

Novel Collective & The London Telegram Company holiday giveaway

To take advantage of this special holiday offer, just follow these three simple steps:

  1. Share this giveaway on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
  2. Send Novel Collective or The London Telegram Company a private message with your Facebook email or Twitter handle.
  3. Download the POSTE app.

Don’t miss out! Giveaway ends 24 December 2014 at midnight AEST.

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