Green smoothie goodness

Green smoothie goodness

I can barely wrap my mind around the fact that it’s already March. Where did the first two months of 2015 go? When life gets busy, it’s easy to neglect what matters most: your health and wellbeing. Green smoothies are a great way to give your body the fuel it needs to perform, and help you reach your daily two serves of fruit and five serves of vegetables. I like kick-starting my day with this one. Salut!


Large handful of kale leaves
1 green apple, core removed
1 kiwi fruit, skin removed
1 large stick of celery
1/4 continental cucumber
Small handful of mint leaves
Juice of half a lemon
Fresh ginger
Cold water


Blend ingredients in a blender until smooth. Drink chilled.

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By Lian Flick

The creator and curator of Novel Collective, Lian is inspired by people who imagine without limits, writing that evokes powerful emotion, the colour and stories of other cultures, and timeless style.

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