From the street your lights reveal you

From the street your lights reveal you

From the street your lights reveal you,
too tightly hung in cardigans you cook
for an absent family. Your chandeliers

delicate precarious above pets and
paperbacks neatly random about
sideboards, stairs and you, bowing

with a sturdy tear, your brave face, your
honesty and in the polished cutlery we’ll
both see the lights hung in reflection.

The grandeur and poise of a brittle
stillness, movement resting like dust
for the blunt glow to soften; like you

do to yourself wrapped in the warmth
of the scene composed, hiding the un-
happiness you dare to hold so close.

About the author

1: My writing style and influences are: Some of the most perfect things are the most concise. To take the time to explore a single thought, however mundane, allows the writer to express the nuances and beautiful mishaps that can be found in a simple idea executed well.

A few of my favourite influences are Fernando Pessoa’s ‘Your poems are of interest to mankind; your liver isn’t. Drink till you write well and feel sick. Bless your poems and be damned to you.’ This has always been the perfect motivation for me, keeping me writing regardless of circumstance. Ernest Hemingway’s ‘For sale: Baby shoes, never worn.’ I find this to be the perfect example of how a single considered sentence can have a great impact. And from Haruki Murakami’s Norwegian Wood, ‘Sleep came and carried me into a mass of warm mud.’ I’ve always enjoyed Murakami’s work, and there’s something both comforting and suffocating about this line.

2: My writing is inspired by: Pessoa and Murakami. I find Murakami presents such beautiful scenes, romantically aching, that manage to convey so much to the reader through circumstance alone. And Pessoa, his writing handles highly abstract or conceptual philosophies with such grace and simplicity. Each and every word feels to be curated and placed with care.

Hiroshi Sugimoto, Andreas Gursky and Yves Klein are great inspirations too. The focus of their work is just incredible and has helped me work towards an aesthetic for both my photography and my writing.

3: My background in photography is: I think I’ve always leaned towards the visual. There have always been cameras in my family, though it must’ve been in the early 00s when I picked up my first Polaroid that photography really became important to me. An idea that I heard many years ago, that ‘realism is simply a corruption of reality’, has shaped how I see photography. To acknowledge that the photograph exists, that it’s not simply an exact account of the object or scene, I think is very important. My favourite camera must be the Russian LC-A, I’ve had one on hand for three or four years now. I think it might be love.

4: My photography is inspired by: Besides the artists I’ve mentioned, I must also give credit to many of the people I follow on Instagram. I’ve really warmed to the format and see so many people on there capturing the smallest of ideas in an incredibly accomplished way. Their pictures wouldn’t necessarily have the scale needed to hold their own in a gallery space, so it’s amazing to see a relevant space for them.

5: You can find more of my work: So I have recently been featured in North Magazine, and the fantastic Seventh Quarry magazine.

Author bio


By Timothy Percival

Timothy Percival began writing ten years ago while living in Earls Court, London. Since then he’s been occupied with the idea of vignettes, and how some of the most perfect things are the most concise. The past seven years he’s spent as a writer on the south coast, moving there to be closer to the horizon.

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