Dear Joss

Dear Joss_Novel Collective

Dear Joss,
I’ve tried so many times to write you poems
like thank you for showing me a woman’s worth
but that’s so Alicia Keys
like blood-red roses and quickened heartbeats
but that’s so Mills & Boon
like actual blood and hearts that don’t beat because vampires don’t breathe
but that misses the metaphor
so instead I’ll just say this:
after approximately
four hundred and twenty-two hours watching Buffy
I feel like I could almost be
a potential Slayer.

Kathy Pollock_Novel Collective



By Kathy Pollock

Kathy Pollock is a Brisbane-based writer who specialises in personal essays and dabbles in poetry. She completed a Bachelor’s degree in Creative and Professional Writing in 2015, and is midway through her Honours degree, in which she is researching the cultural critique present in female comedic memoir. Kathy has been previously published by Kill Your Darlings and Lip Magazine, has read at Avid Reader and Queensland University of Technology’s (QUT) Literary Salon, and has written for QUT’s Universe Magazine and The Music. She is a self-proclaimed Scooby, Browncoat, X-Phile and feminist. She writes at kathyjanepollock.com and tweets @KathyJaneP.

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