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Parenthood real raw 5

Parenthood. Real. Raw.

Nothing can prepare you for parenthood. You are their everything. They look to you as their protector, chef, nurse, carer, teacher, motivator, best friend. You worry constantly about what they’re eating, are they brushing their teeth well enough, am…

By Ashlee Nguyen

Empowered Woman


Empowered woman

Photography by Ashlee Marie Photography. Words by Lian Flick. ‘Bishop John has asked to see you.’ I feel a swell of excitement in my stomach and try to discreetly brush away my tears. I fly down to the headmaster’s…

By Ashlee Marie Photography

A yogi's top three mindfulness techniques for happiness

A yogi’s top three mindfulness techniques for happiness

‘Yoga is cessation of the fluctuations of the mind.’ —Patanjali Meditation can bring space to the busy, over-stimulated mind. The repeated discipline of sitting and observing the movements of our mind and our body sensations can bring respite from the constant bombardment of…

By Juliette Oliver