2 blues

2 blues_Novel Collective

again encore
once more
another 1
to know to meet
a pair
a deuce
and a duo
it as
at once
a hit
and miss
a beat
a pause
a boom
a hiss

with this
one more
you have another
father mother
sister brother
time together
bigger better
larger bolder
wiser older

this we hope
as we add
one more to
the one
we had

Kevin Young_Novel Collective” alt=”Author bio” width=”180″ />
By Kevin S. Young

Lost in the word playground, a vice verser of unsound image. Up to something and anything. I skim, I’m trying, I dabble. Ain’t nobody here for long, and quickly, I’ll ski-paddle. I’m intending to gather my words, because here they are everywhere. This seems to be a way. I can’t explain myself otherwise.

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