Parenthood. Real. Raw.

Parenthood real raw 5

By Ashlee Nguyen

Nothing can prepare you for parenthood. You are their everything. They look to you as their protector, chef, nurse, carer, teacher, motivator, best friend. You worry constantly about what they’re eating, are they brushing their teeth well enough, am I showing them enough love and attention, are they learning what they need to learn and, most importantly, am I being a good role model?

Dear Joss_Novel Collective

Dear Joss

Dear Joss, I’ve tried so many times to write you poems like thank you for showing me a woman’s worth but that’s so Alicia Keys…

By Kathy Pollock

Dana Scully_Novel Collective

Dana Scully

One of the first things I noticed about Dana Scully was her collection of work-appropriate pantsuits…

By Kathy Pollock

2 blues_Novel Collective

2 blues

again encore once more repeat another 1 to know to meet a pair a deuce and a duo…

By Kevin S. Young

3 days after touchdown_Novel Collective

3 days after touchdown

The fever now seems lifted. Our girl in the night. Well we have all caught up. We have all paid our debt for time in travel in tears and bemusement.…

By Kevin S. Young

Performance_Novel Collective


U turn left go straight carry on make a right but perform a u-turn…

By Kevin S. Young

Editors_Novel Collective
For writers

Editors: who they are and what they do

Congratulations! Your contract has been signed and your work is going to be published. Now it’s time to turn your manuscript into a book. Over the next few months you’ll become very familiar with a few people involved in…

By Lian Flick